Buggy Hire at Beedles Lake

We now have 10 buggies which are available to hire now. The new Clubcar buggies are the best in their class and provide a safe and comfortable ride for 1 or 2 passengers. Hire charges are as follows:-

Member 9 holes£10.00
Member 18 holes£20.00
Member 36 holes£30.00
Visitor 9 holes£15.00
Visitor 18 holes£30.00
Visitor 36 holes£45.00
Member Little Owl 9 holes£10.00
Visitor Little Owl 9 holes£15.00

We are anticipating the buggies to be very busy and recommend you book in advance through the pro shop prior to your visit.

Terms & Conditions of Buggy Hire

  • The users of the golf buggies do so at their own risk.
  • The user of the golf buggy will be liable for any damage or injury, including damage to buggy, caused by negligent operation.
  • Beedles Lake Golf Club does not accept liability for damage or personal injury to any passenger or other persons whilst the buggy is in the care and or control of the user.
  • The user of the buggy shall read and adhere to the operating and safety instructions displayed in the buggy.
  • The buggy shall only be driven by a person of at least 18 years of age and who holds a current full driving licence.
  • All buggy users must adhere to the approved route around the course. Signage and way markers must be followed. Buggies should stay off fairways as much as possible and use the rough/semi rough whenever possible. Extreme care should be taken when crossing bridges.
  • Buggies must never be taken onto tees or greens.
  • The buggy shall only be used to carry a maximum of 2 persons and 2 golf bags.
  • Extra care must be taken in wet conditions.
  • Buggies may not be allowed dependent on course/weather conditions.
  • Key must be returned to pro shop or clubhouse bar.

All users of the buggies will be asked to sign a declaration before they use them covering the above points and a current mobile phone number.